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You know that multiverse theory that if you dream it or create it, it must exist somewhere? That's true of modern media, and all those fandoms you know and love are real out there somewhere.

The veil between worlds is thin in Seattle, and for some reason, characters are being brought from their worlds into ours. But the weird thing is, they're given completely new memories and lives and have no idea where they come from.

But little by little, over the past ten years, there have been those starting to realize that not all is quite right. Whether it's dreams or weird waking visions, they've been getting glimpses of their past.

Add up the clues, or keep to your new life. The choice is yours to make. Smoke and Mirrors is a panfandom personified roleplay site, and we accept both canons and original characters!


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the rules

1. The site aims to be inclusive and a safe space, so any and all instances of OOC racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and bigotry in general will not be tolerated.

2. Respect is important. Not everyone will like each other or get along at all times, but general tolerance and civility are expected. Also, communication with others is important. If you find yourself having problems with another player on-site, let a staffer know. We're here to help.

3. In the cbox, if someone asks for a subject to be dropped, drop it. Keep conversations PG-13 and try to keep heavy real world subjects out of them.

4. Content warnings will be required for sensitive subjects such as abuse, sexual assault, gore and the like. Mark the title of your topic with [CW] if such content occurs, and be sure to put a warning at the top of each post in which the sensitive subject matter is dealt with. Be sure to discuss other warnings as needed with your partners.

5. The site is rated PG-13, so be mindful of what you write. Excessive violence and sexual situations are not allowed, and the latter must fade to black. For more information on what's allowed in the rating, see this topic.


1. OOC accounts are required on this site. Register them first, and use the alias you intend to go by on the site. OOC accounts will be sorted into the OOC group after your first character has been accepted.

2. Register character accounts with their first and last name.


1. Canon characters from most fandoms are allowed, but OCs from fandom worlds are not at this time. Original characters must be from the real world.

2. For a current list of what fandoms aren't allowed to be played from, see THIS TOPIC. To ask about other fandoms that you might be wondering about, go to THIS TOPIC.

3. Staff reserve the right to deny any character or fandom concept. If in doubt about what you want to play, ask.

4. For characters that have multiple versions(various incarnations of Sherlock, myths Thor vs. comic Thor vs. MCU Thor, etc.), they can be played individually as long as they are not carbon copies of each other. Keep in mind the differences in the source material, and play it true to canon accordingly.


1. Players will be limited to three canons per fandom, but only two of those can be major canons.

2. The youngest a character can be played as is sixteen. If a canon character is younger than that in their source material, they will be aged up by whatever force brought them to the real world.

3. The first two characters you make are free. To make a third(and on), you must have two posts with each of your previous characters, and have a plotter up for them.

4. Every character must have a real life face claim. Random pictures from Youtube/Facebook are not allowed, and playbys must be eighteen or above.


1. There is no word count on site, use your best judgment on what you need to write per post. Also, posting templates are not required, so only use them if you want to.

2. Characters must make at least one post a month. Activity checks will happen behind the scenes, and after thirty days of no ic posts, characters will be made inactive and their claims stripped. Absences will be taken into account, but staff reserve the right to ask for characters to be dropped if they are only being posted at the bare minimum for long periods of time.


1. Signatures are optional, but the largest they should be is 500x400. Otherwise do not stretch the board.

2. Avatars are required, and they should be 250x400. Please don't use gifs as avatars.

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